Bespoke reversible trousers

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I don’t know about you, but I find it quite difficult to find a decent pair of children’s trousers that not only look great but fit well and allow them to play as they should without being restricted! I recently bought some leggings for my 6 year old – thinking these would be comfortable – but they are so tight in the ankles she struggles to get them on by herself. Plus in this cooler weather, leggings just aren’t really that warm. Other than skinny fit jeans, there doesn’t seem to be many other options. And for boys – everything is so dull! Dark coloured jeans or tracksuit bottoms seems to be the main choice! And for children like mine who have additional needs – they are just not roomy enough!

So I went back to the sewing machine and after a long time of browsing beautiful fabrics online – finally narrowed it down to some colourful prints for my two. And they love their new trousers. My daughter thinks all the pink and the flowers are wonderful and loves turning them the other way round and choosing whichever pattern she wants on the outside.

And my son, who finds putting clothes on a challenge, these are so easy to wear and he can pull them up himself – with no tightness around his hips when pulling them up and no fastenings to contend with.

These reversible trousers are warm and spacious – perfect for this season and really allow the children to explore as they should. They have no problem in climbing trees, paddling in streams, jumping over puddles, running, skipping, riding bikes, just sitting cross legged or lying on the sofa! These trousers allow all of it! And they wash well too!

And for babies – these trousers are ideal. Soft and comfortable, these trousers have space in the hips to allow proper baby movements and development, whether they are lying, kicking, learning to sit, crawling, shuffling, starting to stand or toddling around! They won’t dig in to your baby’s tummy when they sit or prevent their legs from falling correctly when sitting.

These have been my favourite clothing item for both my children from babyhood to childhood!