Our philosophy

075Here at Handmade Baby Classics our aim is to produce unique, high quality handmade baby clothes which offer your baby the highest level of comfort. All our clothes have been designed with comfort and babies in mind.

Between 0 to 6 months babies go from being scrunched up, to kicking their legs and then to learning to roll and sit. All this activity means little legs need plenty of room to move around so that they can develop their new skills.

From 6 months to 1 year, babies start getting onto their hands and knees and crawling, shortly followed by learning to stand. All this means babies need the flexibility to get around unrestricted. From around 12 to 18 months babies usually learn to walk and climb. Crawling and sitting are still important in play so babies need plenty of room to get into positions of all sorts.

In my experience of buying clothes for my baby son I found it very difficult to find clothes with enough room in the hips, bottom and thighs to allow him enough room to sit and move comfortably. Using washable nappies accentuated the problem. So many trousers looked great on the hanger and even looked good whist he was lying on his changing mat. As soon as I tried to sit him up it became clear that there was not enough room for his hips to open out properly to let his legs fall sideways and balance. There was also too much restriction in the waist when he sat and the trousers appeared to be digging into his tummy. So whilst the clothes look fashionable or smart, they just didn’t offer the comfort I wanted for my son so that he could play happily, comfortably and freely so he could explore the world how he needs to. The only option was tracksuit trousers/jogging bottoms which look comfortable but aren’t really the look I want for him all the time.

I decided to make my own design of trousers which offered enough room for his legs to move freely but were fun and also offered enough room for his washable nappies without looking too baggy on days when he wore disposables.

For girls I have created a classic styled pinafore which has a timeless design. I have scoured many cotton fabrics to find some beautiful and fun prints to produce something you will not find on the high street. The pinafores are designed to be around knee length to reduce restriction and have a full skirt to allow your little girl to move freely.

Our knitwear incorporates our ‘comfort fit’ design whereby the sleeves are knitted into the body, thus reducing uncomfortable seams. Many of our designs have raglan sleeves which allow baby to move freely and comfortably whilst also being easier to put on your little one.